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We work with:

• Business teams in need of strategic planning or team building
• Project teams struggling because of personality clashes,
• Department heads with competing agendas,
• Business partners divided on key issues

Facilitation is a guided process that helps participants move from division to understanding through skill building and creative conversation. When the direction to take is not clear, cannot be agreed upon or buy-in from staff/clients is low we can help bring forward different perspectives and work through strong emotions. We design individual processes that are unique to each client’s situation.

Our consultants have worked in highly-charged environments where emotions run high and relationships are at risk. L3 consultants will help you understand your context and challenges through open and honest conversation. We will help you build a process to uncover the root causes and difficult issues that need attention through the use of powerful questions. Our aim is to create healthy relationships through fostering better understanding and equipping people with the tools to work through conflicts that may come up in the future. We know that the answers lie within your organization, and our job is to help you discover them.