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The single most important factor in the success of an organization lies in the strength and capacities of its leaders.  Our coaches give leaders new ways to think about their work, the ways they perform it and how their leadership is received.  Coaching is a one-to-one process that is designed to support you as a leader to be more confident and successful in your role, helping you manage conflict, navigate change and build healthy team dynamics.

What you can expect from your coach

You can expect your coach to help you identify your goals and work with you to map out the process in obtaining those goals.  They are there to create a space for you to be comfortable to share, discover and develop your competence and capacities in your leadership skills.  To help you take action steps towards your goals, they’ll provide you with a structure and framework that you can shape and implement.

Your coach is there to push you to be comfortably uncomfortable.  They will challenge, encourage and support you as you move towards your goals.  Your coach will act as a confidential sounding board that will help you take your leadership to the next level.

What your coach will expect from you

Your coach will expect you to participate in coaching sessions openly and honestly.  They will expect you to work – try new things, step out of your comfort zone, do what you say your are going to do.  Your coach will expect you to be moving towards your stated goals and share any changes that you would like to make to those goals.  They will expect you to communicate any concerns, share your feedback and work together to make that relationship as successful as possible.