Keith Regehr

Managing Partner
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Keith Regehr loves helping people and their organizations develop new ways of working together. When people love what they do they produce results, they succeed. When people succeed in their work, they love what they do. A key to creating the space where people love what they do is building a work culture that engages people, that enables genuine collaboration. Keith can help you figure out why things aren’t working the way you want them to, and then designing and implementing the change that gets you where you want to go.

Keith has extensive experience in mediation, design and implementation of educational events for adults, and organizational assessment. He has taught courses in the Peace and Conflict Studies program at University of Waterloo, as well as numerous workshops on conflict skills as well as workshops on racism and diversity for the public and in various workplaces. He brings to his work an educational background in Political Theory as well as a law degree. In addition, he has extensive training in conflict resolution and in adult education. His work has taken him to southern Africa, various places in the Persian Gulf, Asia, and Somaliland.

Keith has lived much of the past 35 as a nomad. While currently living in Kitchener, Ontario, this his second time living there, having been preceded by stints in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Lesotho, and twice in Lancaster PA. Keith lives change in his own life, and brings that to his work helping others manage change. Offer a chance to travel, and Keith’s first question will be to ask “When.”

When he isn’t working, Keith’s favourite place to be is in a canoe with his wife, preferably in a place where there are no other people within 10 kilometers. Keith seeks to live his marriage by the motto “Love, Honour, and Negotiate.”

To contact Keith, send him an email at keith(at)l3group(dot)ca