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Why Choose Us?


We love people as they are, for who they are.  We all have wisdom and talents and we aim to bring that to the forefront.


We listen deeply to each person and to the larger system itself to hear the wisdom that is in the room.


In all we do, we lead with humility, honesty and courage.  We don’t like to sugar-coat, so we cut right to the heart of it.


We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  Each project is tailor-made to your organization.


You’re not just getting a consultant.  You’re getting the whole team.  Our partners take collaboration very seriously and we’re always working together in the background.


Together we have over 50 years of consulting and leadership experience and we still love what we do – serving our clients.

What People Say?

Jason is an excellent speaker and an even better listener. He values truth, candidness, forgiveness, and understanding and lives his values through both his work and personal life.

Kevin Magee and Trevor Cherewka

What People Say?

Jason Dykstra was a well informed, interesting and good choice for our training.  He came prepared, he was a professional and he gave our staff many tools that they can carry with them throughout the academic year and into their communities.

Mark Lane, University of Rhode Island

What People Say?

Betty gave us a common language that is equipping us in our work.  I can now explain conflict and build understanding.  Many times I have translated it into conversations with students.

Hennie Schoon

What People Say?

What’s most appealing about Betty, for me, is that she helps me consider how the conflicts and communication problems at my department fit within the larger context: what is really going wrong, and how can we change things? It’s a challenge trying to reform one corner of a large (and at times dysfunctional) organization, and having good coaching from Betty has helped immensely.

University Associate Professor and Associate Director

What People Say?

It transformed the way I looked at conflict. I now get involved in conflicts I should and not in those I don’t.

Micah Van Dijk

What People Say?

Interesting material and presenter.  Unique and approachable.

Workshop participant


Strategic Planning

We are working to improve the state of the world by serving organizations to be become thriving, flourishing businesses.  We believe workplaces can be places of success, innovation and joy especially as various parts of the organizational system listen and learn from one another.

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Love, 95
Listen, 90
Lead, 97

L3 Group is attempting to improve the state of the world by working with organizations to help them be thriving and flourishing.  We believe that workplaces can be places of success, innovation and joy especially as various parts of the organizational system listen and learn from one another.

In all we do, we try and live out our values: Love, listen and lead.


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